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Spring 2019 collection - Leaves
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New collection Mushrooms
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Summer collection Seaweeds & Mosses
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designed digitally, 3D printed, inspired by biology
In Silico

Generative Jewelry
minimalistic elegance

Geometric minimalism is the essence of elegance. I am inspired by biological forms,
which are the epitome of the rational and economical structure. Natural shapes attracts
eye by a noble subtlety, not glamor. They do not impose. In Silico product as well.
Unique jewelry of the highest quality

I know that you look for distinctive jewelry. That is why all in Silico products are formed in
a single copy or in short series. I care about quality of the materials and workmanship.
My jewelry is made of silver, brass, steel and other fine materials. The best realization
is guaranteed by combination of modern technology with traditional craftsmanship. I am
one of the few artists in the world which join inspiration of biological forms with generative
design and 3D printing technology.
Your idea

Do you want to express yourself through your jewelry? Create it with me.
With my professional advice you will create your perfect vision.